Breast Size: 36G


Name: Nadia Kozlowski
Country: Poland
Height: 1.67 metres (5ft 5in)
Stats: 36G-34-40
Age: 30

Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Total Number of Movies: 9
Total Runtime: 2 Hour 0 Mins 25 Secs
Total Number of Pics: 683



MOVIE 1: Nadia & Her Best Friend Sharing A Cock




MOVIE 2: Taking Control Of Friend & Cameraman TOTAL RUNTIME: 10.46



MOVIE 3: Dominant Nadia Getting Her Own Way TOTAL RUNTIME: 11.00



MOVIE 4: Nadia Gets A Taste Of Her Own Medicine TOTAL RUNTIME: 5.58



MOVIE 5: Nadia Getting A Cock All To Herself TOTAL RUNTIME: 11.32



MOVIE 6: Watching Your Own Porn Is A Big Turn On TOTAL RUNTIME: 12.44



MOVIE 7: Under The Table Cock Swallowing Slut TOTAL RUNTIME: 14.27



MOVIE 8: Coffee Break & Booby Show TOTAL RUNTIME: 7.43



MOVIE 9: Oral In & Out Car Entertainment TOTAL RUNTIME: 18.21